Percy Jackson Roleplay

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Welcome to Percy Jackson Roleplay!

Alrighty, no n00bs, devoted fanatics ONLY:P


Happpy trails~

I like Trains ^ . ^


There will only be a limited amount of Big 3 kids accepted, since they are supposed to be rare. At this moment, we have:

Zeus: Riza (Rp-ed by Adrian)

Hades: Anna (Rp-ed by Kit) and Darcy(Rp-ed by Darcy)

Poseidon: Claire(Rp-ed by Claire) and Selene(RPed by Selene)



Alrighty, I'd like y'all to take a look at the Gracen Fall topic...yeap, that's right READ the description. Excellent! I hope that answers the question of can we RP monster kids/ titan kids/humans*

Basically, they're the 'evil' camp. They are staunchly opposed to letting mortals rule the world. They are organized much like the Persian EMpire **hint hint** so there is one leader, the Shah. Then govenors, Satraps, for each subdivision, ie; one for monsters, one for Sighters, one for demigods..., ect.


*the Sighters are humans with ancestory of gods (not direct offspring of a god/titan/monster/hero/ect...) or just normal humans who can see through Mist.